Did city hall just pay off Sam Mousa

Um how is any of this legal?

While still with city hall Sam Mousa partnered with another top Curry lieutenant Tim Baker and tried to get nearly a half million dollars out of the school district by providing services they did not want. 

Senator Audrey Gibson, school board chair Lori Hershey and former city councilman and school board vice chair Warren Jones all likened what was happening to extortion. 

Now Sam Mousa retired for a little more than a month just got a six figure consulting gig from the city.

From the Times Union,

Sam Mousa, Jacksonville City Hall’s recently retired top administrator, won a no-bid consulting contract on Thursday with Mayor Lenny Curry’s office that will pay him $120,000 a year.
Curry hired Mousa’s company, Mousa Consulting Group Inc., to provide an open-ended list of services, including developing policy, overseeing special projects and providing support to departmental directors and other employees…
…It’s unclear whether Mousa has solicited or has been hired to work for any other clients to lobby City Hall. He isn’t registered as a lobbyist with the city’s ethics office, which is required once a person has accepted payment to lobby council members on active legislation.
Mousa didn’t respond to a request for an interview.
City spokeswoman Nikki Kimbleton wouldn’t explain why the city needed Mousa’s services. Instead, she provided a written statement attributed to Hughes that said Mousa was hired according to “every legal and regulatory requirement.”

Um the ^%$&ing city can’t even explain why Mousa’s services were needed?!? Just that he met the requirements and they were going to pay him six figures. I imagine the city spokesperson then took a bite of an apple and said lump it.

Friends does this smell like a payoff to you? Hey keep quiet about that one thing and I will get you back. We aren’t being led, we are being ruled.

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  1. I'll bet you dollars to donuts one of Lenny's special assignments for Sam & co. will be to sink the sales tax referendum or at least make it so unrecognizable it might as well be sunk.

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