3 Replies to “Detroit and Jacksonville by the numbers”

  1. Look for Vitti to cozy up to the Detroit biz elite. He'll endorse charter schools until they tank but he'll keep approving more regardless of performance. Basically the same thing he did here. He'll declare victory no matter what (Trump move) just like he did here. He's a great fit for Detroit. Good luck! Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!!

  2. In my educated experience working for him, and in my opinion he is applying to get out of Duval. He will negotiate his salary just like he did here. He looks good on paper until you take a deep dive into actual experience and successes. Over 50% charter. It will most likely be 75 or more by the time Detroit wakes up. He knows just what to say which is his strength, but when actually making decisions he listens to all the wrong people. Best of luck to him and to the children of Detroit.

  3. Let me say; I don't care about Detroit, I don't care how much he'll make, I don't care when his interview is, I don't care that he is from Detroit. What I do care about is that our 3rd grade students are taking the FSA test this week and the media is distracting our district with all this drama. Just go ahead and go and stop thinking we care about you, Vitti. Your narcissist viewpoint of how important you and your job interview are is way out of bounds!

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