DeSantis should stop parroting Trump and close our schools for the rest of the year (rough draft)

That doesn’t mean learning should stop, it does however mean we should make the transition to e-learning for the rest of the 19-20 school year.

Last week DeSantis kind of threw Richard Corcoran under the bus and it was a beautiful thing. It shows that our leadership is loyal to no one, well maybe their donors and Trump but other than that people are far and few between, and you are only useful until you aren’t. DeSantis said the decision to close schools was made with input and not data and surmised we might be back to business as usual mid April.

That’s not going to happen and even Trump is getting it.

Now DeSantis is a Trump guy, he made his ridiculous rant after Trump had made a similar one saying the country may reopen by Easter. So hopefully now that Trump has reversed course the governor will as well. It looks more and more like he is devoid of independent thought and in way over his head, so who knows but maybe like Trump is being dragged kicking, screaming and tweeting to do the right thing, DeSantis will as well.

People deserve two things during these trying times, leadership and certainty both of which have been in short supply in Florida.  DeSantis should announce physical school closings for the rest of the year. It has become apparent to just about everyone but him that we aren’t coming back.

Closing schools is not a surrender, it’s a siren call that for at least the next few months e-learning will be the new normal and we need to embrace it and do the best we can.

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