DeSantis pulls back Andrew Pollack’s nomination to the state BOE, he must now appoint an educator.

I didn’t vote for DeSantis. I don’t agree with many of his education ideas. I think the privatization movement which he calls choice has been a failure and is harming our children and state and I believe the evidence backs me up. Though I have to say just a few weeks in I haven’t been hating DeSantis either like I did Scott from day one. 

He has called for change to the rules of medical marijuana and the environment which I would call baby steps in the right direction and he pulled back the nomination of Andre Pollack to the state board of education a position he was wholly unqualified for.

What happend to Pollack’s family is a tragedy, but a tragedy is not a qualification. This man who admits he never voted until he did so for Trump who seems to have completely embraced has also pushed right wing conspiracy theories, quit the safety commission he was nominated too and drips venom and vigor, telling his opponents he is going to get them, to make them pay.

It’s no doubt that balls were dropped and signs were missed in Parkland, but the reality is this tragedy has many fathers including Tallahassee for not adequately education and putting unrealistic expectations on the system while giving their darlings charters and vouchers a free ride.

DeSantis has done the right thing by pulling Pollack’s nomination back but the truth is that’s just a baby step. Now he should appoint a true educator to the board something the board is and has shockingly not had. Our teachers and students need a long overdue voice on the board a voice if DeSantis truly cared about education he could provide. 

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