3 Replies to “Demonizing teachers and attacks on public schools are alive and well in 2014!”

  1. Wow! At first, I thought this ad was a joke. You know, I wouldn't mind "accountability" if the standards, tests, rubrics, and rules didn't keep changing arbitrarily. This organization is also forgetting the fact that 50% of teachers leave within 5 years. From my experience, most of the incompetent ones leave on their own, and it's not like people are fighting to become teachers anyways. Do they really think high quality people will compete for the possibility of making some extra money? I teach well because I want the best for my students, not because I am afraid I will lose tenure.

  2. Chris, Check out the new assistant superintendent your super hired away from Escambia county. Article in todays Pensacola news journal.

  3. I don't understand the whole tenure thing. No teacher I know has tenure at least not in Florida. Most can be fired at any point for any reason. What worker protections are they talking about? The DTU is a paper tiger & wouldn't lift a finger to help most teachers. This story is a joke.

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