Dear Parents and Teachers, you don’t matter, only we do, sincerely “civic leaders”

The editorial’s title is:  Guest column: School Board must be wise in selecting new superintendent

Translation, you better pick who we want you to pick. 

Today a group of “civic leaders” had an editorial published in the Times Union.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a civic leader? 

I have written more prolifically about local education than anyone in Jacksonville’s history and been published hundreds of times and I am just a blogger, though SB member Scott Shine has referred to me as a parasite.

I even half jokingly asked the TU to stop referring to me as a blogger once as my friends pick on me when they hear that, and said how about education advocate instead, and they said, no we couldn’t do that. 

So how do people get titles? Yeah, you are right, we all know, and that’s money.

If you are rich you are a civic leader, if you are not you are a blogger unless they dislike what you say and then you are a parasite. 

Back to the editorial you can read it here:

Ugh, the last person we should be taking suggestions from is Poppy Clements and her gang of ne’re do wells. I don’t believe for a second that the city’s teachers and students are their priority, instead controlling them is.

I believe the community is split on Vitti, sure most people, even I could point to some nice things he did, but most parents and teachers, you know those closest to what is going on are okay with him leaving, while”civic leaders” and Times Union editors, or you know those who don’t have a clue to what is going on, want him to stay/lament him leaving.

Therein lies the rub. The super may still be here, and please he had to see the writing on the wall, had he tried to include parents and teachers, listened to their concerns and tried to work with them. Instead Vitti preferred hobnobbing with editors and “civic leaders”.   

At the end of the day these people are not civic, and they sure as heck are not leaders.

They closed their editorial by writing, “Our organizations stand ready and willing to assist the board in any way we can…” to which I would suggest to the board run. 

5 Replies to “Dear Parents and Teachers, you don’t matter, only we do, sincerely “civic leaders””

  1. Most of those civic leaders probably send their kids to private schools. I'm not sure what their interest is? Maybe charter schools?? Follow the $$. In the meantime Lord Voldemort has been hinting at Addison Davis leaving Clay. But if they can't lure him away then they'll get the other Davis bro. That's how we roll in actionville.

  2. I also don't understand why Vitti needs to oversee the transition. He's made it clear he wants to get to work in Detroit asap. He already sent an email out about who he wants to succeed him. This shameless begging is beneath our so-called civic leaders…sad!

  3. In my opinion he has made his reason obvious. He wants to non-reappoint any one who has crossed him, Irenetta, or Mason. He has one more opportunity to shake things up in a big way and use his "privy" to get rid of people even if they are good at what they do. It is not about the children it is anout kissing their back sides. So I would look at those recommendations they are the best kissers.

    1. Exactly he's a lame duck who has essentially given his two weeks notice. He says he wishes to start in Detroit around Mid-May. When was the last time a lame duck president started giving congress marching orders on their way out the door. Keep in mind he's not retiring. He's going to a higher profile position albeit with less pay & stability. Why should we bend over backwards to accommodate him?

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