Dear JPEF and UNF, its poverty stupid.

The face book post from the Jacksonville Public Education
Fund started innocently enough: We’re co-hosting with University of North
Florida a Round table on Measuring Teacher Quality this afternoon at 5 p.m. this
afternoon. Join us for live coverage on Twitter via #JaxTVAM — and submit your
questions for the panel!

But the truth is this buys into the narrative that all it
takes is a highly effective teacher for a child to learn and nothing could be
further from the truth. You know what a highly effective teacher cannot
overcome? If a kid has had enough to eat or not; if they are worried about
violence in their house or neighborhood and/or if the students parents care
about or discount education, along with dozens and dozens of other things and
as long as we continue to ignore poverty then we can have these Round tables till we are blue in the face an nothing will happen, nothing will get
accomplished. It’s despicable how the powers-that-be ignore poverty.

Dear JPEF and UNF, its poverty stupid. Now
instead of wasting more time, why don’t you do something about it?

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