Dear elementary school teachers, how the “beep” do you do it?

Teaching despite assertions to the contrary is not an easy gig but elementary school teachers, how the beep do you do it?

Look at the schedule that the superintendent has put out.

Sixty minutes of planning time, I mean except on common planing days, and I get it elementary schools are more and more being divided up into subject areas, especially in the higher grades but come on.

Throw in dealing with parents and behaviors and a mountain of mostly superfluous paper work my question is when do they have time to do anything and I can’t help but think if they were given more resources of which time to plan would be a big one, then we as a school system would be better off.

So elementary school teachers, hats off to you, I don’t know how the “beep” you do it.

3 Replies to “Dear elementary school teachers, how the “beep” do you do it?”

  1. Our "planning" is from 7:50-8:25. That is with parents dropping in, kids needing to get on i-Ready, trying to retrieve laptops off the computer cart, etc. We only get 2-3 resources a week (45 minutes) and one of those is taken up with common planning because we can't do it before 8:25 when our actual planning period is. In a big school where dismissal starts at 2:40, you really only have a little over 6 hours of instructional time not counting lunch. By the way, how can a school with a media specialist every other week have 60 minutes of "media" time? My class's first trip to the media center isn't until the third week in September.

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