Dear Duval County, where is my money? (rough draft)

Tomorrow a lot of school staff in the district are going to be very happy when they see their pay checks.  School recognition funds have finally come through.

For other staff who are supposed to receive the funds they will be disappointed as they won’t see the money until June 17th.

The district received the funds April 26th and it took three pay period to distributed the money or some of the money that is because many employees will still be waiting for another two weeks.

Was the district trying to squeeze every penny of interest out of the money it could?

Is payroll so overwhelmed because of people leaving that they can’t  do their jobs in a timely fashion?

Or did the district just not care enough about its staff to make sure they were paid as soon as possible?

I talked to one teacher who was going to use the money to finance a needed trip to the dentist, How many other people have had needs that have gone unmet that the money was earmarked for? My guess is a lot of people had plans for the money, plans they have had to put off over and over again.

Even though the program at some point is going to make me two hundred dollars richer, I don’t like it. If a teacher shows up and works their heart out then they deserve to be recognized whether they work at an A school or an F school and by the way its the socioeconomic status of students not necessarily their teachers that often determine a schools grade.  .

That being said, is it to much to ask that the district does its job. Can you imagine if a teacher did grades this way or treated any of the other deadlines given to them in this fashion? People would lose their jobs.

To learn more about school recognition funds click the links:

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  1. #3: Or did the district just not care enough about its staff to make sure they were paid as soon as possible?

    Payroll/HR doesn't give a damn. I contacted them in February regarding my missing summative evaluation from last year. There has been no answer.

    Payroll looks at this money as something discretionary and that they will get around to it when they feel like it.

    Ultimately, this is a leadership problem. Do you give a damn about your people? If so, issue the orders. An order from top would have these people hustling to get it done.

    On the other hand, I was told my hard-to-staff supplement would be on the next check, but I received it yesterday.

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