Detroit, you been talking to my boyfriend?

Hey Detroit, how you doing?

I see you asked our super to interview for the job. That’s cool. We haven’t been together for that long. Sure he said we would always be together but you know supers say “you’re special” to everybody so we don’t take it personally him stepping out.

After all you guys would be a great match, he loves charter schools, half your kids are in charter schools, that’s probably where we were heading with him in charge, so he has lots of experience working with them.

I read you have problems with teacher morale too, well teacher morale here would skyrocket if you hired him, so if he left he could say, teachers haven’t been this happy in years and it would be completely true. Think about it this way, you’re doing us a favor, that’s how we are thinking about it anyways.

Oh have you heard our graduation rates are up? I mean they are up everywhere but they are still up right. Oh they are the same as yours, well that’s cool too.  

I know why you like him, he has a gift for gab and everything is always great, nothing is ever his fault either. He’ll sweep you off your feet just be careful because the landing may be difficult.

The thing is he’s a Michigan boy, you’re in Michigan, it seems like a great fit. Florida with its mild temperatures and great attractions and larger salary never really seemed like a good fit for him.

Just wanted to say no hard feelings. We here in J-ville wish him and you nothing but the best.

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  1. I want the super candidate that interviewed for the Detroit job Wednesday. I don't know who he is but he sounded great!

    1. That is his strength. He can look you in the eye and tell you what you want to hear. He told many of us our jobs were safe then cut us off at the knees without even a conversation, sometimes he didn't even know our first name, destroying our livelihoods and just because he can. That's the man who would be superintendent. A cold hearted person who cares only about himself and his next stop. I feel sorry for anyone working at the district level in Detroit. Polish that resume and don't trust anything he says to you. Get out while you can.

  2. No, no, give him the credit he is due. He does listen … to Gary Chartrand. He doesn't micromanage … he uses his district staff for that. He has built a relationship with the board … in which he acts as if he was superior and they were as ignorant as … well, about the same level he believes about teachers.

  3. At the beginning of the school year Dr. Vitti told the principal at my wife's school that he wanted her school to look like a charter school. His public stance seems to be that charters are a necessary evil so what are you gonna do. It's a sort of "if you can't beat 'em why bother" defeatist attitude that he has adopted here in Duval at least. That's a far cry from what he told the interview panel in Detroit. His public stance appears to be at odds with his private one.

    This was a video posted by a board member in Detroit showing the tour.

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