DCPS school board plans online board meeting, to discuss students and teachers returning to schools. Um WAIT WHAT???

Tuesday’s board meeting where one of the topics will be students and teachers returning to schools will be online. Let that sink in. They don’t feel it is safe enough for them to get together as they are making plans for teachers and students to do so. Friends, we have entered the surreal.

A couple more points, they are limiting civic participation by demanding comments be emailed the day before.

Citizens should have a right to face their representatives and if they can zoom we should be allowed to as well.

Then Florida went into lockdown when there were just a couple dozen cases a day, well now we are into the thousands, and we are still rushing towards reopening. How does that make sense?

We have to get this right or we are just going to make things worse, that is the bottom line.

Here is a link to the DCPS meeting notice,

Here is a link to the agenda,

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