DCPS must immeadiatly change the way it evaluates teachers

Governor DeSantis has proposed giving teachers that are highly effective and work in schools that move forward about one percent a 9,000 dollar bonus and this is a terrible idea for a number of reasons. That I won’t get into here.

Though if you are interested in some of the reasons you can click the link:
I have no doubt like all of his other terrible education related ideas, some form of this will pass through the legislature in Tallahassee that is all to focused on harming public education and the teaching profession.

Sine that is the case DCPS must immediately change the way it evaluates teachers.

Right now we use the ironically named C.A.S.T. system to evaluate teachers and it’s not quite as convoluted as the VAM equation is but it is it’s not to distant cousin.

Last year state wide 56.1 percent of teachers were rated highly effective, in Duval that number was 33 percent.

In Clay county 95 percent of their teachers are considered highly effective.

Of the 67 counties, we are 52nd in terms of percentage of teachers getting highly effective and only one county bigger than us has a smaller percentage with most of the other 14 being relatively small districts.  

Look I think DeSantis’s proposal to give a few teachers 9 grand is patently ridiculous but at the same time DCPS has to give as many teachers as possible a chance to get it. We should copy Clay county’s model as soon as possible.

This is what I think, in Duval they could make movies about three percent of our teachers, you know like Stand and Deliver, Dangerous Minds type stuff, and there are probably about three percent of teachers, who need to be taught up themselves or maybe even shown the door and that leaves the vast majority of students who are good. They show up, they work hard and their students are better off for having them. We need to give more of them a chance to benefit from the Mad King’s scheme.

Besides we all know the reason the district’s evaluation system is so convoluted is to save money. Our salary schedule says HE teachers not on the grandfather schedule get a bigger step than effective teachers. Fewer HE teachers saves the districts a few shekels well now friends there are a lot of shekels on the line and its time DCPS gave (more) of its teachers a chance to get them.

It’s a little small but below is teacher ratings by district.

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