DCPS makes the right call on not arming teachers

The bottom line is teachers have to many responsibilities now to add carrying and maintaining a firearm while at school and potentially taking a life, to them. 

Teachers already wear so many hats and are under appreciated and over worked as it is ludicrous that some people think arming teachers is a good idea and I for one applaud our board and super for acknowledging that and by saying DCPS will not be arming its teachers.

From the Times Union:

Most of Duval’s School Board members said Wednesday they won’t authorize teachers or other staff to be armed in schools, even if the state Legislature passes a bill making that possible.
Five of the seven board members said they will instead sign a resolution early next month that supports Gov. Rick Scott’s school safety proposals, instead of the proposals currently being discussed in Florida’s House and Senate. Two board members were absent.
The board members all said they like that Scott’s call for spending $500 million to put an armed law enforcement officer at every public school and extra officers for every 1,000 students enrolled in each school.
Scott’s proposal does not call for arming teachers or other school staff, while the state House and Senate bills do. President Donald Trump also is championing arming school employees.
Proponents of arming teachers will say if somebody intending to do harm knew there were armed teachers they would be detoured from doing so. Well Nicholas Cruz had to know Parkland had an armed officer and that did not stop him.
There are just to many chances where something could go wrong and I point to a good samaritan in Texas shot by the police after disarming a suspect and a teacher just this past week in Georgia discharging his weapon in a classroom as examples.  
The solution to guns is not more guns.
The truth is as long as we live in a gun society where some people feel their right to own guns is worth the occasional slaughter of children at school, people at the movies or a concert, or a Sunday congregation there is nothing we can do to make us absolutely safe, including arming teachers and turning schools into prisons, but we can do better if we as a society decide we want to.
DCPS has made the right call. 

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  1. Scott Shine said on the first coast connect today that he wouldn't be opposed to teachers being trained as auxiliary police officers. You know in all their free time.

  2. Just because an armed guard did not work 1 time does not mean that armed guards do not work or do not deter crime. I feel that lines of reasoning is extremely fallacious. People who commit crime as a rule will choose the path of least resistance.

    1. What if they're nuts? Do they care if there's officers there or not? They're not exactly looking to get away. It's not like robbing a bank.

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