DCPS has plenty of issues to go around and more testing is one of them

From a reader:

We are definitely giving more tests. In fact, the IOWA is given to every student at every grade level despite passing the FCAT or being College-Ready. So far, we are also scheduled by our Testing Coordinator to give the Pre-Cast on top of the CGA (2 “70” min tests), yet they are supposedly identical. The coordinator is praising this effort, claiming we will be data-rich when this is all over; however, we are 4 weeks in with little to no data. This does nothing for me as a teacher. I cannot wait 3-6 weeks to get data. 

On top of that, the average reading class is still in the 40’s, and many are in the 50’s and 60’s. We are told we are getting new teachers; however, when this will happen has not been confirmed. In my 8 years in Duval, I have NEVER experienced this focus on testing (ultimately time-consuming and overwhelming for students/teachers) and saving money (with class sizes at such a high average). Keep in mind that we are 4 weeks in now with these class sizes and testing in these huge classes. Beyond that, although we have tests, we have no curriculum for Reading classes (that is currently being used as there is a lack of access). ELA classrooms don’t have enough books. Let’s just say, there are plenty of issues to go around. 

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  1. If a course has a baseline CGA, a pre-CAST is not necessary and should not be given. The DCPS testing schedule that went out made this mistake but it has been corrected. CGA data is delayed because the test coordinators are scanning the sheets into the Insight/Inform system, and so much has to be scanned that the server is full, i.e. overwhelmed, and it will take days for the overload to be dealt with, and then everything missing has to be rescanned. My test coordinator has some choice words to say about this!

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