Darryl Willie is sworn in and the shame of it all

I went to last nights school board meeting and several religious leaders spoke giving some invocation or another. One of them and I can’t remember who said, being on the school board wasn’t about politics or popularity. I wish that was the case because if so Willie wouldn’t be on the board.

After the primary Willie had a huge lead in both votes and money and it looked like he was going to cruise to a blow out. So some people despite the fact during the campaign he was all style zero substance jumped on his band wagon. It’s sadly what people do. When the general election rolled around Willie despite out spending Smith 3-1, eeked out a two point victory. I wonder what would have happened had people supported the educator and life long resident over the tourist looking to protect his six figure income. I wonder what would have happened had people done the hard thing, supporting the better candidate who was way down, rather than hitching themselves to someone who they thought would win.

I was disappointed he won, there is no way around it. As somebody who has been tilting at Windmills for going on a decade now, I have had to take solace in the fight a lot more often than I have been able to celebrate victories but like all the other times, I have to move on. 

So at the school board meeting last night, I asked Wilie to prove me wrong about him and even told him how he could do so. He has to put public school interests above charters and he has to work to retain and recruit professional teachers rather than tourists and temps that think they will try that, teaching, before grad school, i.e. Teach for America.

I am not optimistic as he has already been pushing TFA on public radio despite the fact it does the exact opposite, assuring our neediest students have an ever revolving door of novice teachers, that research says they need.

Willie when asked to say a few words, indignantly in my opinion, ignoring the tremendous defeat that the forces of privatization experienced even with his very narrow victory, Andersen in 2 and Joyce in 6 won running away, said the election is over and he is right, I am just concerned he didn’t learn anything from it.

The KiKi challenge will only get him so far now the real work begins and I will be watching.

I said at the meeting, I hope he proves me wrong, sadly I am just not optimistic he will do so.  

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