Darryl Willie is the nastiest of the nasty. Deception fuels his campaign. Updated

I get it, he wants to be elected but to stoop to lie and
spreading falsehoods is beyond the pale. It’s also what people of low
character without ideas resort to.
Just look at this mailer that Willie is sending out.
He says that while teachers are spending money out of their
pockets Wright went on 165,000 dollars worth of trips. First it goes unsourced,
but strangely he sources other outrageous assertions later. I have scoured the
school board agendas and can’t find any figures approaching anything like that.
Also doesn’t that number seem oddly specific? I am
guessing his campaign divided the travel budget by 8 to come up with that
number. Now you might have a problem with the board budgeting a million plus
for travel, but to attribute that number without a source to Wright is
Next he says, Wright was the only board member who voted to
protect a teacher who hit kindergarten children. This is sourced “April 8th
2013”, the Times Union. Here is the article in question and notice how it doesn’t mention Mrs. Wright once.


Then he says that in 2010 there were only 4 F or D schools
in the district and now there are 16. First grades don’t matter even Vitti says they have been
massaged, folded, spun and mutilated into irrelevancy. But just so you can see,
here are the grades of the district 4 schools since 2010 (note the most recent
high school grades are not available).
Brentwood: C-F-C-C-D
Kirby Smith: A-A-A-A-A
Andrew Jackson: D-F-B-C
Henry Kite: D-C-D-C-C
Dinsmore: C-C-C-C-D
Garden City: C-C-B-C-D
Ocenaway: B-C-D-C-D
Northshore: F-D-B-C-D
John Love: C-F-B-C-D
Lake Forest: C-D-C-D-F
Sally Mathis: A-D-C-C-D
Ribault HS: D-C-A-B
Highlands: C-F-A-B-B
Long Branch: C-A-B-C-D
Saint Clair Evans: C-B-C-D-C
Darnell Cookman: A-A-A-A
Mathew Gilbert: D-C-D-D-D
Richard Brown: C-D-C-D-F
Stanton: A-A-A-A
John E. Ford: B-C-C-C-C
Northwestern: D-F-D-D-F
Ribault Middle: F-C-D-F-F
Highlands: C-F-A-B-B
Pine Estates: C-C-C-D-D
Andrew Robinson: C-D-D-F-F
First Coast HS: D-C-C-A
Lavilla: A-A-A-A-A
Biscayne: C-B-C-C-C
Ocenaway: A-B-B-C-C
A Philip Randolph: C-C-A-B
You know what I see? A lot of work needs to be done and more
deception from Willie.
Finally Willie’s flyer claims, Black and Hispanic students
have seen marked decline in FCAT 2 scores, our children are moving backwards.
Um, what the beep does that even mean. Is he talking reading or math? Is he
talking third grade or tenth, or what grade in between? Did he mean the FCAT
2.0, which schools took last year? What’s he talking about? Maybe you can find something on the JPEF
site because I sure as heck couldn’t.

I don’t know what is worse about Willie. That he has been
bought and paid for by a cabal of rich white families who don’t live in
district 4 who want to privatize our schools. His ideas are wretched, or he’s a straight up liar. Any of which
should preclude people from voting for him. 

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  1. This is the importance of everyone getting out to the polls to vote. We stand to lose a lot if we do not make it to the polls to stand up against the gentrification and selling out of God's greatest gift to the world, our children.

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