Darryl Willie is already trying to save his six figure job by pushing Teach for America

Mr. Willie said some really interesting things on WJCT, the other day, which I encourage you to check out.


One of the things he said was millennials leave their jobs after just a few years and yes some do.


The thing is more and more people regardless of age are quitting their jobs more frequently but that doesn’t play into Willie’s hey we need Teach for America narrative.


Lets talk about millennials for a second though. Maybe they would be more prone to stay at a job, a teaching job maybe, if they weren’t saddled with a ridiculous amount of student debt? Though I think more would stay if they weren’t forced to teach to the test and had more opportunities for creativity and flexibility, then there is the pay too. Sadly teachers don’t make much.

Anybody notice anything about above? They are all fixable. He says millennials won’t stay, well I am saying pay them more, let them be creative and flexible don’t make them teach to the test and help them with their student loans and we won’t have a teaching shortage.

The thing is the teaching shortage benefits Darryl Willie, to the tune of 120,000 dollars a year. An absolutely ridiculous sum for what he does. He has no incentive to work on fixing it, because he is profiting off of it.

Then he says people need more opportunities to enter leadership and that will make them stay. Well some people like teaching, to them its a calling and a passion but sure some people do want to work their way up, but how many openings does he think there are? There are less than a thousand principals, assistant principals and administrators in the district. Even if you throw in academic coaches and ese leads we still don’t break three digits. Plus friends who wants a 27 year old vice principal telling them what to do.

It’s insulting when he implies that people that “just want to be teachers” are somehow deficient.

One last thing, he taught for three years over a decade ago, in Arkansas, but he knows teaching, oy vey, the chutzpah of this guy,

I have said several times that Willie is all flash no substance and he’s very light on real ideas and his interview with WJCT  just reinforced that.

5 Replies to “Darryl Willie is already trying to save his six figure job by pushing Teach for America”

  1. How is spearheading TFA in Jax & working on the school board not a conflict of interest? Teachers have to report 2nd jobs even when there's clearly no conflict. Will he have to recuse himself from discussions & votes regarding TFA?

    1. I would think that Amendment 12 that we just passed would require him to recuse himself on votes that would profit TFA.

    2. I hope he feels free to prove me wrong. I think he also cares about continuing to receive his six figure salary as well.

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