Curry proposing 2.25 million more for the Landing black hole, nothing for the city’s children (draft)

Maybe Lenny Curry should have had a plan for the Landing before he had the city pay 18 million dollars to buy it, another million to demolish it and now he wants another  2.25 million to study what to do with the property? Um maybe put Sam Mousa on it he is making six figures now that he has retired. If Curry wouldn’t have spent so much time fighting against the city’s schools and children we might be in a better spot.

From the Jax Daily Record,

 Mayor Lenny Curry is asking the City Council to approve $2.25 million in initial funding for redevelopment of The Jacksonville Landing as part of his proposed 2019-20 Capital Improvement Plan.

City Chief Administrative Officer Brian Hughes said Thursday the allocation will start a 2 to 2½-year redevelopment process.

“If we can do it faster, we will. But it’s sort of an acknowledgment that about a two-year plan is what we’ll see executed,” Hughes said.

Um 2.25 million more? Curry is the same guy that opposed paying for the special referendum despite the fact the city was not being asked to pay for it.

Also two and half years? Good luck on that look at coastline drive and liberty street which is years behind schedule and millions over budget.

Everything the mayor does reveals him fighting against the city’s children and schools had nothing to do with whats right for the city and had everything to do with whats right for his donors.

Curry was elected with 14 percent of the vote because sadly in Jacksonville, Republicans vote against their self interests and democrats don’t vote. Despite that I bet there is enough in both groups to discuss a recall of the mayor. The city may not be able to endure much more of his leadership. 

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