Curry promises hundreds of millions for entertainment complex, won’t lift finger for the city’s public schools

I get it football is king but this is ridiculous.
One of Lenny Curry’s most consistent and disingenuous talking points was the cost of the special election. It didn’t matter that the district said they would pay for it, it would save 5 million dollars and slow down wear and tear on some of our schools that need the most help.
Well friends the city just promised hundreds of millions to Shad Kahn, money that arguably could be better spent elsewhere.
This deal reeks of desperation on Curry’s behalf.
His popularity which was never that great is waning, the tax referendum outside of his echo chamber has to be a black eye.
This is also eerily similar to his pension reform, a mighty big maybe that may seem splashy now but has a great chance to blow up in our face.
The city has two hundred million dollars plus to spend on a sports and entertainment complex but complained mightily about a million dollars that it didn’t even have to spend, to help improve our schools. Priorities.
Duval has always been about the golden rule, he who has the gold makes the rules, they get richer and richer while the rest of us are left begging for crumbs.

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