Curry betrays the parents of public school students

I hope people realize that the vast majority of students attend DCPS schools. Mayor Curry doesn’t seem to care in a tweet exchange with his best buddy Richard Corcoran, the ironically public school hating commissioner of education.

He is talking to parents and they are with him? Most parents send their kids to DCPS schools and at this point most do so by choice.

Curry is deliberately tanking the prospects of DCPS solving some of their economic problems by opposing the sales tax referendum and the thought that he cares about poor and mostly minority children is ludicrous. If he did he would be fighting for the referendum because the vast majority attend DCPS schools and it would make their education better.

Also Lenny it’s not the concept of charter schools that people hate, no, it’s the way Florida does them which rewards for profit schools almost invariably run by large donors that steal resources from public schools in a system that puts a thumb to the scales tilting all advantages to them. You should be ashamed of yourself. 

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