Crony capitalism is alive and well in Floirda

The Florida legislature is preparing its annual budget and we
should be alarmed by how much they are planning to allocate to charter schools.
The house is budgeting 90 million in construction and maintenance
costs for the states 650 charter schools, many of which are managed by for
profit companies. Since the facilities are privately held this is money the
public will never recover if one of these charter schools fails which has
already happened 313 times over the years in Florida, costing us hundreds
of millions of dollars.
It’s not so baffling that we are giving these companies
millions in extra money when you consider the hundreds of thousands of dollars
in campaign contributions charter schools have given to the members of the legislature.
It however gets worse, at the same time the legislature is
planning on giving charters 90 million it is planning to allocate only 50
million to the states 4,300 public schools. Furthermore since 2011 charters
have received 326 million in maintenance funds while public schools have received
barely over a hundred million.
Maybe this could be justified if charter schools as a group
were doing better than public schools but they aren’t.
Isn’t it time we ended this crony capitalism and instead
invested in our public schools? After all they are by far the better

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