Councilwoman Cumber is just the worst

Today’s finance meeting was a debacle. Cumber wanted a list of projects and when they would be started, she didn’t want to have to her constituents when their school would be taken care.
Here is the thing she would never have to do that because she’s not on the school board, apparently she is confused about that, and that is something they would do.
From the Times Union,
Items of contention from City Council members included the district’s inability to produce a timeline, listing the priority and date for project builds.
“I honestly do not understand the school board’s reluctance to give us a list,” committee member Leanna Cumber said. “I can’t possibly agree to this without knowing what’s going to happen.”
Smith-Juarez took issue with that, saying Cumber had two meetings scheduled with school board members, both of which were canceled.
“At this point, I just feel like we’re spending so much time going around in circles on this,” Cumber said. “I don’t feel like we’re ready as a body to vote on this so I feel like the best thing to do is withdraw.”
She is so concerned about answers she skips meetings. Ugh.
After telling lies and blaming the school board for her own incompetence, she then took a bite of an apple, twirled her mustache right before she jumped off the dais screaming you will never get me my pretties right before she crashed through the ceiling on her broom.
It’s surreal. The whole thing is surreal.

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