Councilman Randy DeFoor says the city council have been the grownups in the room. Um, lets take a look at the things they have said and done.

In the Times Union Randy DeFoor said the city council have been the grownups in the room in the ongoing dispute about the sales tax referendum. I think that’s laughable and after you read about the things the city council has said and done you definitely will too.

From the Times Union,

In past public meetings of the City Council, council members have leveled criticism at the School Board while passing up chances to ask questions directly to school leaders who watched tight-lipped in the audience.

This happened at multiple city council meetings where they don’t take public comments to the end. That doesn’t sound very adult does it, having lots of questions but when people are available not asking them.

Speaking of questions city council chair Scott Wilson published a Facebook screed where he complained about questions not being answered.

This despite the fact mos t if not all of their questions have been answered over and over again.

Rory Diamond called the school board chair a liar.

Brenda Priestly Jackson implied Jake Goldbold had age related dementia when he called out the city council for what they are doing.

Lenny Curry called several respected lawyers liberals, I guess that is a bad word in his circles and said the city attorney shouldn’t follow the law and not one city council person called them out.

Two of Curry’s top lieutenants attempted to extort nearly a half million from the district and when called out, the council gave one of them Sam Mousa, a four year, no bod, no responsibility six figure contract.

What part of this sounds adult to you?

They started this whole hubadoo based on a junior attorneys memorandum which ignored statutes and changed the meaning of the word shall.

This gave them enough of an opening to put a kibosh thus far on the referendum, and they used a lot of specious reasons, cost of and timing of the referendum among others as reasons to drag their feet.

This by the way is something current council members and former school board members Brenda Bully Jackson and Tommy Hazouri never would have put up with if it would have happened when they were on the school board.

They haven’t asked the city attorney to recuse themselves despite blaring conflicts of interests, owing his job the Curry  who desperately wants the referendum to fail.

Then none of them have recused themselves either despite taking money from the civic council which is pulling the strings behind this entire sordid affair.

Finally more than a few council members have said we know the schools have tremendous needs and the school board is in charge of the schools, but…

Does any of that sound like how adults act? Any of it.

The city council has given the city a black eye as they attempted to bully the school board while fighting against children getting what they both need and deserves on behalf of a handful of super donors, using specious reasons and a ridiculous memo that changed the meaning of the word they, to do so, you know because that’s how adults act.

Randy DeFoor is a joke, a bad joke, plain and simple.

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  1. Rory Diamond has stated that the only schools that are innovative are charters. At the Beaches which he claims he represents, eight schools earned A's, with two B's. Only Seaside Charter Academy had a C. I guess that's what he means by innovation. Matt Carlucci seems to be the only council member willing to stand up to Curry. Maybe all the others are fearful of jeopardizing Curry's endorsement when they run for council or mayor in 2023 when Curry is term limited.

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