Councilman Bill Guilford tries to protect his friend Scott Shine

Do you know why people hate politicians? It’s because they don’t do things because its right, they do it to get something.

Okay here is the reader’s digest version. Last summer UNF professor Tim Groulx filed to run for the school board. Unfortunately for Groulx he lives in a backward county and if he were to win since he is a state employee he would have to quit his job. This by the way is not a state provision, its a Duval one. If he lived in a different county and was running for a different board he would be able to keep his job.

Since it would be a relatively easy fix and it shouldn’t be a rule anyway, Groulx went to his city council representative Bill Guilford who for all intensive purposes agreed to help, until this past week anyways.  


During a committee meeting Monday, city lawyer Peggy Sidman said Gulliford’s amendment was meant to give other would-be candidates more time to prepare.
“There was some concern… that if it were to take place now,” she said, “there were individuals that may have run that didn’t run for the upcoming election, so they wanted to delay it to not take effect until 2019.”
Guilford said an additional reason to hold off on the rule change until next year is Groulx had said he planned to run in 2022.
“He said that he was not going to run this term so I felt like — no surprises — if we pass this thing, let’s just start off fresh, next round, since we’re already into campaigning,” Gulliford said. “This will give people an opportunity to prepare for it.”
Groulx, however, maintains he always planned to run in 2018 against District 2 board member Scott Shine if the bill passes. He filed to run last summer.
“I haven’t removed myself from the candidacy in any way,” he said. “I’ve been maintaining my Facebook account regarding wanting to run.”
Groulx said he’s skeptical about Gulliford’s motivation behind the amendment because, as he points out, Gulliford wrote to him in an August email, “It seems that Scott Shine has been a pretty good school board member. That said and knowing the difficulty in finding good candidates, if this legislation passes I sure would hope you would make yourself available to run in the 2022 race.”
Groulx told WJCT News, “I thought we were working towards changing the laws for democracy and not doing something to necessarily support people we like.”
But Gulliford denied his amendment has anything to do with who Groulx’s opponent is.
Ugh, just so you know potential candidates have till June to qualify and the election isn’t until August, furthermore as I said, Groulx went to Guilford last freaking July. There is absolutely no good reason why the bill allowing state workers to run shouldn’t proceed but there are a couple bad ones.
Chief among them is Guilford is trying to protect his friend Shine who is part of the political class. He likes Shine and apparently cares less about allowing democracy to work, though it gets worse.
I spent about 20 minutes at the supervisor of elections site and I found these common donors between Guilford and Shine:
Wayne Weaver 1000 both Guilford and Shine
Preston Haskell/Haskell company 300/250
W.C. Gentry 1000/1000
The Frisch Family 1000/1000
Karen Lee 250/250
Gate companies 1000/1000

Twenty minutes, who wants to bet there are more?

District 2 deserves better than Scott Shine and it’s to bad that their city council person isn’t interested in doing what is right and allowing them to have another qualified candidate.

In Jacksonville we are not being led, we are being ruled.

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  1. Did you hear Shine the other day on FCC trying to rationalize his vote in favor of arming teachers in Duval County? It was the most backwards kind of logic I've ever seen. He didn't even bother to answer questions. Just gave a statement & hung up before he had to face the music for his actions. Typical Shine shite.

    I swear the more this guy talks the less sense he makes. He would be out of his depth in a parking lot puddle. And this joker is on the School Board? The bar is so low here in Duval.

    I wish he would just vote and not even try to rationalize it. He doesn't want teachers to have guns but he's not willing to vote for a resolution that says so? Instead he talks about other counties? This was a Duval County resolution! It had nothing to do with what other counties are or aren't doing!! Maybe he should try reading the resolution before he votes on it? At least he keeps his street cred with the NRA & his corporate benefactors intact. That's the important thing. Not children, parents, or students…or you know the people he's supposed to represent.

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