Could House Speaker Will Weatherford be more disingenuous?

It’s all about helping poor people this legislative
session Will Weatherford said. No longer will he be there just to help the
rich. What republicans were only in Tallahassee to help the rich????
From the Tampa Times:  “I
kind of woke up about eight or nine months ago, like last summer. And I just
realized that — I was trying to think: Has my party and have I done enough to
advocate for the people are in the greatest need? And I kind of came to the
conclusion I hadn’t. And I was kind of a little bit frustrated by that and kind
of convicted by that so I just decided every speech I give I’m going to start
talking about people that are stuck in generational poverty. And I’m going to
start digging in and finding out what’s causing it, what helps people get out
of it and what’s the state’s role. Not that we can flip a switch and pull
people out. But I’ve really spent a lot of time on that and a lot of focus on
that, and that’s probably a little outside the norm of maybe what people would
have expected me to do. I’ll talk about it in the opening day of session next
Weatherford said that in recent months he has ventured outside
the “country club Republican circles” where he has spent a lot of time in the
past and “tried to go into neighborhoods and environments that are folks who
historically haven’t voted for me or are people who are living in a different
economy from everybody else.”
How does he plan to help poor people, you know the ones he has
callously ignored for so long? By kneecapping public education and funneling
poor kids into the substandard options of charters and vouchers that is how.
He plans to dramatically expand vouchers including letting the
less than poor use them and to make it easier to open charter schools despite
the fact as a group they have been disastrous. I am reminded of the old saying
with friends like these the poor really don’t need enemies.
Did you see what he did there? He basically admitted his entire
tenure has been about helping the rich so you will forgive me if I am not
completely buying his epiphany especially since it helps some rich people get
richer and kneecaps public schools at the same time.
Also where is the plan to expand medicare allowing 700,000 poor Floridians to get health care? Oh I know that doesn’t make his friends rich at the same time.
This man is repugnant and I ashamed that both of us call each
other Floridians.

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