Corporate education reforms, vouchers, charter schools and common core take a beating!

Let’s start with Vouchers, from the
Washington Post’s Answer Sheet:
More trouble has
cropped up for the D.C. school voucher program, the only federally
funded program in the country that sends children to private school using
public money to pay the tuition.
A new U.S. General
Accountability Office report says that  the local agency that administers
the program — which has used $152 million in federal funds since 2004 for
more than 5,000 students from low-income families – lacks the “financial
systems, controls, policies, and procedures” to ensure that federal funds are
being spent legally. It also says the U.S. Education Department has not
exercised its oversight responsibilities well enough.
No good news about Charter Schools either. Two were called
educational travesties and ordered to close in Ohio. From the Columbus
Dispatch:  In a rare move, the state schools superintendent has
ordered the shutdown of two brand-new Columbus charter schools — open for only
a few weeks — because of conditions so unsafe they amounted to an “educational
Sadly something like this happens about once a week in my
home state of Florida.
Finally lets talk about Common Core, apparently it is set up
so teachers will fail as the Teacher of the Year in New York State couldn’t
even register a highly effective while teaching it. From the Diane Ravitch
blog:  New York’s Teacher of the Year testified
to the State Senate Education Committee
 that the education evaluation system made it
impossible for her to be rated “highly effective” because of the “dysfunctional
implementation” of the Common Core standards.

Corporate reform: A lack of financial oversight,
charter schools not teaching and public school teaches set up to fail, sounds
about right.

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