Corey Booker needs to get it together

This blog’s first title was, the more Corey Booker talks the
less I like him. Don’t get me wrong. I agree with almost everything he says,
like we do have a system that sets up a lot of people, mostly minorities to fail
and ones sexuality should not matter, only ones character should. Then he
catches Obamaitis and laments about the nations failing school and how they
have let so many down.
I would like to ask Mr. Booker a few questions.
Has a school ever cut a
Did schools create the drill
and kill testing culture that sucks the life out of education.
Are schools responsible for
crippling poverty, absentee parents and the privatization movement that takes
the resources out of schools that can least afford to lose them?
Did schools pass the punitive
and unrealistic No Child Left Behind or the bill that turned education into a
game, Race to the Top?
How were schools involved
with pushing measures that have no evidence that says they work, merit pay, or
who experts say shouldn’t be used, high stakes standardized tests?
Finally did schools fail
neighborhoods or did society fail schools?

Mr. Booker you need to get
it together and stop blaming schools for the problems government created or my
next piece will go with my original title.  

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