5 Replies to “Contact the Times Union about Vitti leaving. Let them know how you feel”

  1. I think you are doing Vitti a disservice. We need to be talking him up like Trey Csar over at JPEF. Maybe start a petition to send him to Detroit. Maybe he can take Iranetta & the other sycophants with him? That would be super. If he gets the new gig we need to give props to Ashley Smith Juarez for playing the long game. Of course the movers & shakers in the JaxBiz community who've never seen the inside of a public school(Fischer went to Ed White but works for a charter school) will immediately be looking for the next Betsy DeVos to replace him.

  2. Just don't let the JaxBiz community do anything stupid like pressuring the school board to give Vitti more $$ to stay. Don't double down!

  3. Sooo. Am i reading it right at mackinacdotorg..?superintendent salary is 275k in Duval. Salary is 150K in Detroit? They are getting a deal, if he goes to Detroit. Why would he consider it unless he has to leave Duval.

  4. Let him goooo. Let him goooooo, like thr song says. He wilk be good for Detroit . Duval has outgrown him. Win, win.

  5. The news media in Jacksonville missed the boat on Vitti. The business leaders and media drank the kool-aid offered up by Dr. Vitti. The community should have been made aware of the damage Dr. Vitti has inflicted. He drove out excellent teachers, (myself being one)chose a ridiculous curriculum, alienated board members that where offering true and workable solutions and suggestions, covered up scandals, lead by intimidation and lies, lies lies. All of this is so well know within the rank and file of the district. Shame on the backers of this pitiful sham.

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