Constant turnover iof principals and teachers in schools does not improve schools.

I get it, some principals just have to go, after all I do live in Duval County, but change just for changes sake is a really bad reason.
Do you ever get the feeling that the powers-that-be have
rigged the game against public schools? One of the big reform pushes is to
replace a struggling and by struggling I mean does poor on standardized tests,
school’s principal and a percentage of its staff. They do this while ignoring
the dehibilitating effects of poverty. Then they make it so unappealing to work
at those schools that it assures that a lot of the classes are manned just by an
ever revolving door of rookies.
If we want to see improvement in our struggling and by
struggling I mean does poorly on standardized tests, schools then we need to
recruit the best veterans we have to work at them and giving them autonomy plus
a few extra dollars would do it. Then we need to have counselors and social
workers because why kids act up in school often has nothing to do with school.
Then add legitimate summer school and after school opportunities coupled with classes
that kids enjoy and success is achievable, if we wanted it that is.
And there is, it is almost like the powers-that-be don’t
want success, they want failure instead. 

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