Common sense policies the Duval County School Board doesn’t have

The school board is not notified when a principal is fired during the year, which I would think is a pretty big deal. Likewise they are left out of the loop if a teacher is being investigated by the DCF for inappropriate contact with a child, another really big deal.

How hard would it be for them to get an e-mail when these things happen?

Apparently common sense isn’t all that common at 1701 Prudential drive.

2 Replies to “Common sense policies the Duval County School Board doesn’t have”

  1. Said inappropriate contact was kissing and sleeping with a child to whom he is the father figure. What parent doesnt kiss their kids? What kids dont occasionally sleep with their parents? The 2009 complaint is all hearsay from a disgruntled x roomate who happened to be a children's service worker too.

    Common sense would suggest we not leap to conclusions any time government employees are involved.

  2. I think in general it would be good if the board is informed about above. Bacca is another matter all together.

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