Common Core’s controversy should be enough to doom it.

Tea Party
activists and liberal union teachers have come together all be it though for
vastly different reasons to oppose common core. Today a group of catholic
scholars joined their ranks:
From the Washington Post: The letter, which calls the Core  ”a
recipe for standardized workforce preparation,” cites criticism of
the standards by academics including James Milgram,
professor emeritus of mathematics at Stanford University, and Sandra
Stotsky, professor emerita of education at the University of Arkansas.
They have both testified before various state legislatures against the Core,
saying the standards aren’t strong enough to prepare students for college.
 Supporters of the Core argue otherwise.

Core has literally torn the nation to the point that if it is implemented its
legitimacy will be questioned for a generation, or until we find the next
miracle cure and go with it. I get it though nothing is going to be perfect for
everybody but since so many varied groups are against common core wouldn’t it
benefit the nation to go back to the drawing board and try again?

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