Common Core to cost over 15 billion in first 7 years

From Bob Sykes and Scathing Purple Musings

Perry Chiamamonte of FOX News reports that “states are learning the cost of Common Core is uncommonly high.”

States will spend up to an estimated $10 billion up front, then as much as $800 million per year for the first seven years
that the controversial program is up and running. Much of the cost is
on new, Common Core-aligned textbooks and curriculum, but the added
expenses also include teacher training, technology upgrades, testing and assessment. The figures are taking states by surprise.

And Common Core’s technological infrastructure would be long obsolete
at the end of seven years, too. States would again be having
conversations like Florida where the governor is saying that technology is a priority again. That $40 million Rick Scott has in his budget won’t go very far.

“$10 billion up front, then as much as $800 million per year for the first seven years”

No wonder the Chamber of Commerce s going to the mat on Common Core.
What a bonanza that is for the burgeoning education technology industry.
Getting Common Core imbedded will commit states to keeping it on life
support with taxpayer dollars in a corporate welfare scheme of
unprecedented proportions.
The only assurances that the nation has that this is a good idea are
rhetorical. We’re told they “are internationally bench-marked,” are
“transportable” and “will prepare students to compete in a global

And to sustain them, the nation will need the concrete mixer
contininously cashed-up with taxpayer dollars to fill a money pit that
always seems to be just getting bigger.

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