CM Rory Diamond says the darnedest and untrue things

Can somebody call councilman Diamond and tell him about google it may prevent him from continuing to make a fool of himself. 

From Florida Politics Diamond commenting on an elected superintendent,

Councilman Rory Diamond, a Republican, said “School board races do not get enough scrutiny from voters … the same kind of energy and focus that City Council races get.”

“Anything that gets more voter participation and focus is a good thing,” Diamond said.
Regarding the elected Superintendent, Diamond urged looking at the structure.
“What’s best for our city over time … ten, twenty, thirty years down the road,” Diamond said.
Um, first he ran unopposed something I am sure the beaches are now kicking themselves about, you know because reasons.
Here is a screenshot of four of the five city council races that had to be decided in a general election.
Now here is a screenshot about Elizabeth Andersen’s school board race.
Um notice anything? Like more people voted in the school board election than all three district races combined. Now you might be saying Chris but don’t two districts on the city council equal one district on the school board and yes, that is true but what else is true is 49K voted in the school board race while around 20 voted in the three city council races or fewer voted than what Andersen got on her own.
Um the hubris and willful ignorance of Diamond, oh they are just school board races nobody cares. I find it stunning that this guy was elected to represent people.
He said we should make decisions whats best for our city, well the best thing I can see is having this guy in our rear view.
Willful ignorance and arrogance are a terrible look for him.

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