Clay Superintendent Van Zant thinks the people of Clay County are dumb.

Oy vey from the you can’t make this up file and the Times Union:

Van Zant, who is running for re-election to his second four-year term, said in an email to the newspaper that he hadn’t spoken to Gottshalk about his candidacy.
“I’ve never spoken with Mr. Gottshalk or any of the other candidates about why they are running, therefore, I can’t speak to their motivations to run. As Americans, we enjoy the freedom to self-govern. And each of us has as much right as the next candidate in the race to participate in the process,” Van Zant wrote.
The Republican primary for school superintendent already was closed before Gottshalk filed as a candidate. It was closed because Democrat and non-partisan candidates also are running in the general election for that office, county Supervisor of Elections Chris Chambless said.
However, Chambless said Gottshalk’s candidacy would close the GOP primary for superintendent if the Democrat and non-partisan candidates withdraw or fail to qualify and nobody replaces them on the ballot. The deadline for candidates to qualify is noon June 24, according to state election regulations.
In 2012, Gottshalk entered the superintendent almost at the last minute as a write-in candidate – closing the Republican primary to at least 58,000 Democrat and independent voters.
Gottshalk introduced himself as a “sham candidate” at a School Board meeting and elsewhere. He also contributed $50 to Van Zant’s campaign as well as displayed his campaign signs. In addition, Gottshalk was among the first to congratulate Van Zant – describing him as a friend as well as an election opponent – when Van Zant subsequently was sworn in as superintendent.
Um, what the beep?!? Even if you like ths guy don’t you have to feel insulted that he is A. trying the same trick again, B. doing it with the same guy again C. He thinks people are dumb enough to not think he is involved and D thinks its okay to disenfranchise tens of thousands of voters.
Van Zant went on to say:
“There are liberal groups out there that are motivated to remove me from office,” Van Zant wrote in the email. “I’m certain that there are those who will continue to misrepresent my conservative values and refuse to recognize the great things happening in our schools.”
 By liberal does he mean people who care about the schools in clay county and think all eligible voters should receive a say? By recognize great things does he mean hiring cronies, a demoralized teaching force, and a debt crisis? By conservative values does he mean that dirty tricks are acceptable? What does he mean?
Van Zant’s been a disaster and he all but just said he thinks you’re dumb, please show him you’re not and vote this guy out.

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