Clay County school board for sale, reasonably cheap too.

Clay County has announced that because of dwindling reserves
and enrollment that they are cutting staff
At the same time the Times Union has reported a new charter
school run by Charter Schools USA a for profit management company is opening.
A quick review of Clay County’s supervisor of election site
finds that two Clay County School board members have taken thousands either directly
from Charter Schools USA, a Charter School Lobbyist, Jim Horne or PACs which I
can argue are laundering money for charter school interests.
Ashley Gilhousen charter schools USA 500
Horne Group 1000 
Betsy Condon Red Apple Construction x2 1000
Schools USA x2 1000
Coast Alliance 1000
for strong leadership 1000
for Florida 1000
conservative alliance 1000
Horne 1000
Clay County cannot currently support what it has now. What’s
going to happen when this new charter school that they don’t need, (enrollment
has been dropping and Clay County has consistently been one of the state’s top performing
district), siphons millions out of the district.

These two school board members took thirty pieces of silver
and put the desires of their donors over the needs of their constituents and I
find it shameful.

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