City Council President Scott Wilson’s willful ignorance


In Duval we have had too many politicians who are about self aggrandizement and advancement and too many who are corrupt or willfully ignorant. From this menu City Council president Scott Wilson has chosen a double helping of willful ignorance though as somebody who is willingly carrying water for the Civic Council, he may had gotten a side of corruption with his meal.

From the Times Union, 

• On the sales tax referendum, he admits he knows little about the school system. At a neighborhood meeting, there was a clear lack of information on the subject.
“Everyone I have talked to among business leaders agrees that they need the money,” he said.
Though one poll shows support, Wilson is convinced the referendum would not pass this year.
Wilson says the community needs a lot more information, so he doesn’t support a referendum this fall. 
“I just think there needs to be more public participation,” he said. “We should hold hearings on the schools they’re talking about closing. People should really understand this plan before they vote on it.”
He also wondered about the school district’s plans on their riverfront administration building. The School Board has been passive about moving off the river.
“All of this should be part of the equation,” he said.
He admits he knows little about the school system, well how promising is that, his honestly is refreshing, refreshing and scary, because shouldn’t any city council member let alone the president have some knowledge about the school system?
He’s talked to business leaders and they admit there is a need. Well then why friends is he fighting against the referendum? Could it be because these business leaders are looking for a larger cut of the tax referendum pie? 
He says the community needs more information. When does a canard become a straight up lie? The district has had dozens of community meetings and a plan has been on their site for months. Wilson is spreading the Civic Council and Mayor Curry’s lie and at this point it doesn’t matter if it is by hook, he’s just ignorant, or crook, he is complicit.  
He then wonders about the school boards river front plans, saying they have been passive about moving. Um why wouldn’t they be? The building is paid for, and nobody has offered them even what it would cost to move let alone them making a profit. This is a canard that keeps getting repeated by at this point the willfully ignorant (or complicit). 
I just want to point out to Wilson that the SB does not work for him and if an arguably corrupt or incompetent city attorney working for an arguably corrupt mayor hadn’t changed the meaning of the word shall we wouldn’t be in this position. That should be part of the equation too.
Then wouldn’t it be cool if he cared that people participate in what’s happening to the Landing where the city has spent 18 million dollars as he is with our schools? The fact he hasn’t should tell you all you need to know.
Here is when Wilson told the School Board they should listen to the Civic Council, you know, because reasons, also from the Times Union,
Wilson said he agrees the school district needs more money for construction and maintenance, but he doesn’t think there’s any way a referendum will pass this November. A University of North Florida poll released last week showed 75 percent support for a sales tax, but Wilson said when he brought it up in a recent neighborhood meeting, none of the 20 to 25 people in the room raised their hand in support of the tax.
He said he has a “real concern” about spending $1 million or more on a special election that fails and wastes money that could be use for improving schools. 
He said the School Board should have more public meetings and go to every every school that would be closed as a result of the district’s master plan. He said the district also should meet more with interested organizations such as the Jacksonville Civic Council.
The only part he got right, was the he doesn’t know much, part. This is going to be a rough year is this is an example of the leadership he plans to bring.

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