Cindy Pearson’s troubling charter school money (draft)

I have met Mrs. Pearson a couple times she is very nice, and you can’t discount the great things she did as a volunteer and her children’s schools, it is impressive, that being said her position on choice, sorry this is Florida, privatization, is troubling as is the fact she just started taking that big charter school money.

John Rood is the man behind the new Classical Charter school. He hired a woman named Eika Donnalds to run it. Her name might sound familiar because her husband Byron is running for the House of Representatives after spending a few years in the statehouse voting on pro-charter school legislation that benefitted his wife’s company.

Yeah, you may have heard of her there or maybe with the crazy and nasty things she routinely says. 

If you wanted to contact the classical charter school, the link takes you to the Optima Foundation

The Optima Foundation is led by Erika Donalds

Erika Donalds has rather interesting views on banning books and troubling views on LGBTQ individuals

Banning Books

Removing LGBTQ protections

Gay people are going to hell.

Just some random troubling stuff, from the Tampa Times,

 She led the conservative Florida Coalition of School Board Members, which split from the larger Florida School Boards Association over vouchers. She pressed for school board term limits and a statewide charter school authorizer in an amendment that famously failed Supreme Court muster amid heated statewide debate.

This is the woman John Rood chose to run his charter school. I would hope even if you were pro-charter having Donald’s anywhere near one would outrage you and Cindy Pearson is the person Rood has chosen to support. 

 Rood hired a woman who believes a lot of terrible things, how far off can he be from her? Then when I support candidates they mirror what I believe, I have to question how far Pearson is off from him.

You know these charter school guys had pretty much stayed out of this round of school board elections, I guess in anticipation of all the money they are going to make, but apparently it was just a matter of time.  

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