Chris Hayes blows the Vergera ruling out of the water. Chief statistic used made up out of thin air.

I will post the video when I can but the gist is the ruling
stripping teachers of work protections happened because the judge was aghast
that an expert said one to three percent of California’s teachers were grossly
ineffective. Yes let’s feel free to blow the entire system because of one to
three percent of teachers were grossly ineffective, (hmm I wonder how many
judges are grossly ineffective, I can think of at least one) but that’s now
what is so shocking.
Chris Hayes reported that a reporter from Slate contacted
the so-called expert and asked were the stat came from. The expert, and sit
down first or swallow that milk, then told the reporter, he made it up out of
thin air. It had come from him just visiting a lot of classrooms and to make
matters worse he said, he never said they were grossly ineffective. 

This is what teachers are fighting against. Facts and
evidence don’t matter to the education reformers as they rush to destroy the
teaching profession. 

Here is a link to the slate article: 

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