Cheryl Grymes yada, yada, yada money, yada, yada, yada, charters

From the Times Union:

Grymes has raised $18,278 for her reelection campaign; about 46 percent of it from charter school companies, their executives or companies serving charter schools.
Grymes, who has no competition, said last week she plans to return or donate that money to her schools. This is the first time, she said, so many charter school executives have given to her campaign, but she has no problem with that.
“Charter schools are growing, so obviously they feel like it’s important to support the people who are pro-choice in education,” she said.
“I think people look at charter schools as evil beings. I want to believe that everybody in this business wants to make sure our kids are being educated and provided what they need.”
Yeah you know Charter Schools USA owner Charles Hague who lives in a multi-million dollar compound, owns a 42 foot yacht and sends his kids to an expensive private school loves kids, he loves them so much he opened one of the worst performing schools in the district in Cheryl Grymes district.
Cheryl Grymes either thinks we are dumb or she is so naive that she shouldn’t be allowed to serve on the board.
Here is the thing shouldn’t this piece about Grymes contributors and her cavalier attitude with the future of our children come out before the filing deadline? Maybe somebody would have cared and run against her.   
Sadly though, I am not sure if it would have mattered, Jacksonville has a problem and its not just ridiculous school board members and mercenaries posing as educators buying them off. 

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  1. Vitti says he wants our school to be more like KIPP or a private school. Anything but what we are which is a public school.

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