Cheryl Grymes wants to throw Vitti a parade

In yesterday’s… In yesterday’s Times.. In Blech… sorry I just threw up in my mouth, okay better now.

In yesterday’s Times Union, Cheryl Grymes is quoted saying, well let me just let her words do the talking for her.

From the Times Union:   Board member Cheryl Grimes said she is bothered that Vitti was not invited to Wednesday’s meeting. “Nothing has changed,” she said. “The superintendent is still the superintendent. He is still leading the district and still doing the work. So even though there’s this thing out there… I want to make sure we proceed as a team.”

She also said she wants the Duval Board to acknowledge the great things Vitti has done while superintendent here. “I want to be sure that we give those accolades and appreciation … if he decides to take this other job,” she said.
First she is outraged that he wasn’t invited to cut his vacation short and return for a meeting, but then she wants to throw him a beeping parade.
I wonder what the parade would be for? Thinking teachers are widgets perhaps or maybe ending teachers careers? How about leaving before his contract was over? Maybe lying to the people of Jacksonville when he said over and over that this would be his last gig? The division he sown in the community, does she think that is parade worthy? Oh I know its the graduation rates, it’s always the graduation rates.
Full disclosure, I think Vitti moving on would be best for him and the city and I wish him nothing but well, but come on Grymes, as usual you are being ridiculous. I notice you didn’t have this persecution complex when you were in the majority of the board and would tell Hall, Couch and Wright, can’t we all just get along when you would vote to blow up the schools they represented, and when the toughest question you would ask the super, with your eye lids fluttering, was, so how’s your day going.
Grymes if you can’t do your job right, then why don’t you do the city a favor and go with him. 

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  1. I would like to send him an envelope full of glitter, that pops open and rains down delightfully on his desk.

  2. Give him a plaque that says thx for coming out. Have Iranetta throw him a going away party at the balis center…

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