Cheryl Grymes wakes up and drops some knowledge, the school board does not work for the city council.

I had the last half of the meeting on while I was working. Unfortunately my reception was garbled and sporadic.

At the end they gave everyone a chance to speak for a minute and when Grymes spoke it came in crystal clear. 

It was like she had woken from a deep slumber and when she opened her eyes she couldn’t believe where she was at and what she was seeing. After a pause she calmly said, 

 “It’s not your job to tell the School Board how to do its work”

She is right too. Using a laughably bad ruling from an incompetent attorney beholden to a corrupt mayor, the door was opened an inch and the city council knocked themselves over to get in. 

They could have laughed at OGC. They could have ignored his self serving and legally dubious ruling. They could have behaved decently but they chose not to.

I wish this would have been the school boards message from the beginning. We might not be where we are now.

To read more, click the link.

I just saw this on Twitter, Grymes was on fire today

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