Cheryl Grymes takes thousands from privatizers

I have met Mrs. Grymes several times. I have always found her affable, heck even likable and that being said it’s time for her to go. Four years ago when she ran against Martha Barrett I wholehearted supported Grymes as I thought Barrett was little more than a flowery suit taking a pay check and now I say Mrs. Barrett if you aren’t doing anything please come back.

It’s not just that Grymes thinks Vitti walks on water, ignoring the elementary school curriculum that is universally reviled by principals, teachers, students and parents, nor the problems with teacher morale, discipline and school grades.

Nope it’s none of that though all of that should be disqualifying, instead the biggest problem is who she considers friends and takes money from. That speaks volumes about their beliefs and goals. Mrs. Grymes despite thus far running unopposed has taken thousands of dollars from Gary Chartrand and his family and friends and quite frankly there is not a bigger foe to public education and the teaching profession in the state than Gary Chartrand.

Grymes has gleefully taken money from a man who would privatize the school system given a chance and who doesn’t think teachers are professionals.

District one is there nobody there that cares about the schools there? Is there nobody worried about how charters have snuck in and stolen resources from the public schools? Is there nobody worried about the over crowding at Terry Parker of the drop in school grades?

The next tough question Grymes asks the superintendent may well be her first but it’s time the community started asking her tough questions, like who she is associating with and why. 

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  1. Once again, thank you for opening people's eyes. Political gain is the name of the game for Vitti and many of the board members. This should be criminal since our children are who you are supposed to be worrying about not yourself. Wake up Duval!

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