Cheryl Grymes implies what we already know, our school board has been bought and paid for.

I will let their own words do the talking for them. From the Times Union:

Couch and a couple of board members kept referring to “outside
voices” trying to influence their decisions on Vitti. Couch said she has never
been “lobbied” as much as she has in the past two years.
Grymes said outside voices have a right to their opinions and
that, after decades of the community “not caring” about public schools, she is
glad some community members support Vitti.
She added she is being accused having ulterior motives, but
that’s not true.

“I think we don’t have much respect for each other …. If we
get to the point where we can’t assume good intentions from each other,” Grymes
Who could Couch and Gyymes be talking about? Oh yeah Gary Chartrand and the gang at the JPEF and QEA you know the ones throwing money around to anybody who will take it. The crazy thing is Couch despite her recent pluck took lots of money from them too. What did she think, it would come with no strings attached.
The people of Jacksonville, partly through their own apathy have been sold down the river by snake oil salesmen who would like nothing more to privatize our schools.
So Mrs. Grymes you do have ulterior motives, and that is because you’re serving a master with a checkbook rather than the people who elected you. 

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