Cheryl Grymes and Scott Shine would support Vitti even if he shot somebody in Hemming Plaza

I hope nobody stretches that into thinking I am advocating violence, it’s actually a play on what one of the presidential candidates said about the devotion of his followers. I am not sure if it’s the superintendents soulful brown eyes or something else but school board members Cheryl Grymes and Scott Shine have fallen head over heals for the superintendent.

This is a quote from Cheryl Grymes about an inexplicable letter that was sent to hundreds of parents that is bound to cause confusion and angst.

From the Times Union:

“There’s no question, we’ll have some parents that are confused on the first day of school, but that already happens,” Vitti said.
Board member Cheryl Grymes defended Vitti, saying the other Board members aren’t trusting him. 

You know because blindly trusting the superintendent, not being informed or putting themselves in the shoes of their constituents are what school board members are supposed to do. Oy vey what a joke of a school board member and then there is Scott Shine who also shrugged his shoulders about above who cluelessly goes along with her.

Who remembers Shine’s evaluation of the superintendent shortly after he got on the board. His ranking went Superintendent Vitti with Jesus and Steve Spurrier coming in a distant second and third.

These two school board members have never gone against a superintendent recommendation even when the super said he was only approving a charter school because it was in an affluent part of town and he wouldn’t let it near poor kids.

Rubber stamps don’t rubber stamp as much as they do.

We need serious people on the board who are willing to be informed and do the work but we don’t have that with Shine and Grymes.

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  1. The bottom line here is that Dr Vitti either thinks he is above state law or he doesn't understand it and he fired or non-reappointed the person who helped him interpret the law. Who is he relying on? The Davis boys? They think they are above state law as well. A sad state of affairs. Communication is worse than ever. For example, what in the world is going on with PD. Do the PD contacts at schools know? Nope. What exact materials were sent to schools? Do textbook contacts know? Nope. Too many more examples to mention.

  2. They could have sent those letters out 2 weeks ago but they're really hoping those letters never get read which is why they're sending them out now. Vitti is complying with the mandate to the least of his ability. Smh…

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