Chartrand denies homophobic remarks. Tampa Times stand by story

wonder if anybody asked him, if he still beats his wife too?
the Miami Herald: 
the midst of a good explanatory piece, the Tampa Bay Times wrote this State Board Chairman Gary
Chartrand recommended that reading lists for students be screened to avoid
potentially upsetting subjects such as socialism and homosexuality. Later, his
group suggested that instructional materials be “aligned with Florida’s
values and culture.”
But Chartrand is adamant: He never
said this.
Instead, Chartrand said, he was
explaining to the group why some others oppose aspects of Common Core.
“Some people are anti-Common
Core, and particularly on the far right, because they object to some of the
reading materials that would reference such things as homosexuality or
socialism or some contentious issues,” said Chartrand, recalling his
comments. “That’s all I said. That was my comment.”

You see he’s not a bigot he
just thinks people on the far right are. Oy Vey, open mouth, insert foot. 

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