Charters in Florida have been dreadful

From Fund Education Now

For-profit Charter Chains not interested in struggling students:
  • Florida charters have demonstrated a chronic disinterest in this population.
  • Legislators are consumed with labeling children and schools with D or F, but unwilling to walk through the doors to see the remarkable work being done despite chronic under funding
  • Charter Chains and legislators disregard the fact that struggling D or F schools face the deep effects of generational poverty that requires greater investment and support not “failure” labels and ridicule.
  • Charter chains know that struggling students cost more and are “not attractive” to a ‘for-profit” model
 Florida Charter Schools have not lived up to their promises
  • State has spent$760 million on the building and operation of charter schools since 2000.
  • Majority of state funding for the construction and renovation of schools goes to charter schools.
  • Florida Department of Education found no evidence to support the claims that charter schools ‘save children from “failing schools.”
  • Research shows that restarting a former public school as a charter school had no significant impact on math or reading test scores, high graduation or college enrollment
  • In 2016, Florida charter schools closures were the highest in the nation

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  1. Yet, good old Betsy holds Florida up as a model state for charters. Way to keep the rich getting richer and then poor getting poorer. Your plan is working thanks to the negative press public schools get. How about we really sit down with educators and talk. Stop pointing fingers and really do something about it.

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