Charter Schools USA wants us to ignore their failures.

Jonathan Hage, make that millionaire and CEO of Charter
Schools USA Jonathan Hage complains about failing public schools and he says
that only by putting more money into his bank account  (emphasis mine) will kids have a chance. 
He talks about the greatness of his charter schools while at the same time he wants us to ignore his failures (and I am sure
his bank account) Tampa recently tuned down his application to start a Charter
School on McDill air force base sighting the poor result of several of his
schools and three schools he was given to run in Indiana buy his pal Tony “I
love charter schools” Bennett all received failing grades. 
Bob Sykes writes
in Scathing Purple Musings, Hage’s “we are the
change we’ve been waiting for” message was rich in hyperbole, but completely
lacking in policy, proposals or facts on the ground.  Who can blame
him? His outfit earned three F’s  at the three Indianapolis schools
Tony Bennett handed to him – along with $6 million more of Indiana
taxpayer money than he supposed to have gotten.  Meanwhile, he’s in
the midst of again leveraging the gamed appeals system he helped put in place
to bag another building on MacDill AFB.

I don’t know how else to say it but this guy and his
ilk don’t care about helping children, anything they say is a subterfuge to
their real intent of taking as much tax payer money as they can. 

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