Charter Schools USA uses 40% of its revenue for administrative and management fees.

From the Tampa Times: In Hillsborough, three charter schools that have opened since 2011 are owned by Charter Schools USA, a for-profit corporation, and these three alone enroll more than 20 percent of all charter students. In 2011, Woodmont Charter School, one of these three, expended 44 percent of its total revenue on instruction and 42 percent on management fees and leases. 

By contrast, traditional Hillsborough County schools spend at least 86 percent of revenue on instruction. Woodmont had FCAT scores of D for 2012 and F for 2013, and this is not unusual, since charter schools composed 50 percent of all F-rated Florida schools in 2011. Meanwhile, the six traditional public elementary schools and one middle school within 1 mile of Woodmont all have higher FCAT scores.

The school board in it’s lack of infinite wisdom just allowed this mercenary chain to expand. It would be interesting to compare the percentages here in Jacksonville though I imagine they are about the same.  

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  1. love the Charter School option. Got both my kids enrolled in one locally (Jax). Compared to their former schools (non-charter, Duval public – elementary) it is a vast improvement. I especially like how the parents are REQUIRED to put in volunteer hours quarterly. Evaluations conducted outside of district and state and national levels with realistic interventions (if needed) ready and available. Smaller class sizes, PE every day and school that encompasses K-8 just to name a few.

  2. Interesting you're quoting an opinion piece as fact. I also read in the Tampa Bay Times that CSUSA has not taken ANY management fees for Woodmont since it opened.

  3. hmm, I will tell you what, source your assertion and I will run it, but I feel pretty confident with sighting the League of Women voters.

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