Charter Schools USA lawyer says nobody can know they threatened me with a defamation lawsuit.

Things took an interesting turn when CUSA said via e-mail
that I wasn’t allowed to tell people that they had threatened me with a
defamation Law Suit if that was the reason I was retracting a post about them having business with a Vietnamese company. That however isn’t the reason I will be retracting the post. I am doing so because I checked and Coral Springs Talk took down their original piece, so I thought if they are not going to stand behind it then why should I. 
The thing is the Firm didn’t have to come at me guns blazing,
they could have said, Chris there’s some problems with the story, Coral Springs
Talk took it down and we were hoping you would do the same and I would have
been glad to do so. 
That is the meat and potatoes too. Coral Springs Talk
reported a relationship between CUSA and a Vietnamese group pairing investors
with opportunities to earn green cards and as I will do time to time I found
the piece interesting and reposted it.
Fast forward to a letter, which among other things said in
all caps GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY, that I found kind of threatening. 
Lets be clear though I don’t think anything Charter School
USA does is illegal, heck hooking up foreign investors with investment opportunities that will get them green cards has been going on for quite some time. Also it is quite evident to me that they have teams of lawyers ready to strike
at a moments notice to let them know if they or somebody else is crossing the line but at the
same time they do things that average folks in their kitchens eating dinner or
waiting for elevators over small talk find questionable. Many others and I
think they use their money and influence to rig the game in their favor. What they do may be completely legal but I don’t have to like it.
So where have we come to? They gave me five days to remove
the original post and I definitely will, though I may wait till Saturday
morning to do so. Are they involved with a Vietnamese company they say no and I
have no evidence that says otherwise and quite frankly no reason not to believe
Then lets be clear am I sorry that I put the original post up? Yeah, I don’t
like to get things wrong, because when I do it hurts my position and furthermore I am taking it down because there seems to be legitimate questions about it’s veracity not because of some letters from a bunch of high priced lawyers. I am also very sorry if any of my readers took the story as the gospel because the last thing I want to do is misinform you.       

Finally I would write what I think about the Firm, but I don’t
want to get another letter.

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