Charter schools students returning to public schools in droves.

Via Facebook, from a reader

The Charter school kids are back. And they’re back without money. The Charter schools they were in have cashed the checks from the State for pupil funding and are now cutting students loose to return to the public schools. 

The Charter students leave for any number of reasons, strict discipline, tough academic standards, dress codes, etc. About midway through the year they show back up at their neighborhood public school and we have to take them in without funding. No way to buy more textbooks or hire more teachers. 

Our class sizes are ballooning. And we have to State test them and it counts towards our salaries and professional evaluation regardless of what went on in Charter World. 

Rule of thumb – For every inner city student you have over the number of 20 you lose 10% effectiveness as a teacher. At 30 inner city students a teacher is at 0% effectiveness and at that point they’re just doing teenage day care for the parents of Jacksonville. 

I just peeked into Guidance and the returning Charter kids are stacked up like aircraft in a holding pattern over Kennedy International with a wreck on the runway. And I’m the fire brigade. For another month anyways.

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